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Bathroom Remodeling in Denver and Kitchen Remodeling in Denver, Colorado by J.T. & C. Interior Trades


Bathrooms are very personal multi-purpose rooms. In the morning they are our studios, the place where we preen and groom, attire and adorn that canvas we call ourselves, which we display for the world to see. We want functionality and performance from the bathroom while it serves us in this capacity. With enough room for all of our supplies, and integrated components such as a comfortable lighted make up station for her.

Yet in one of itís other roles the bathroom becomes a romantic candle lit private retreat that is both peaceful and calming, warm and comforting, bringing us serene luxurious relaxation. Soaking in a jetted spa after a long tedious and hectic days work. Perhaps the invigorating enjoyment of a cool shower after a hard days exercise under a merciless burning sun. Or even a steam bath in that ďsameĒ shower on a cool fall evening.

Todayís bathroom may also be transformed into a lively beach like area for children at bath time. Equipped with all the wonderful childhood necessities and toys that make bath time a grand event, not a dread or solemn occasion.

The versatility of bathrooms is endless, and it should be a room you are proud of. A room that you can enter and gain enjoyment simply in the beauty that you find there. If your bathroom isnít the versatile, functional or pleasing room you have always desired, then isnít it time to write or call J.T. & C. Interior Trades. Let us aid you in exploring all the possibilities of remaking your bathroom into the kind of room you have dreamed it could be.

We look forward to hearing from you, and discussing your individual project needs. We take one project at a time, and tailor it to you specifically. Take a moment to read about Mimi Katzenbach and her son Averyís bathroom remodeling project 2004:

Mr. Greg Lewis
J.T. & C. Interior Trades


Imagine this problem: A son six foot four and a basement bathroom too
small and with a ceiling too low.
The steps that Greg took to solve the problem were careful, thorough,
and always in line with my budget. Another contractor could have
easily persuaded me that I had to build an entirely new bathroom in
available space that would have cost three to four times what Greg's
ingenious remodel cost me. I know, because Greg explained to me costs
for every alternative before and during the job.
His patience and thoroughness as a worker are unmatched in my
experience. In his quest to get as much extra space as we could out
of the existing bathroom, he checked behind some dry wall to discover
rotting wood and other construction debris that had been ditched by the
previous owner. He customized the shower stall so as to gain
the most space possible, not settling for the standard.

Greg's delight at solving the technical problem was matched by the
whimsy and fun of his design, converting a French-country style into a
modern, 60s retro style with his exceptional tile work. He created
strong architectural features while at the same time maximizing comfort
and convenience. When my son asked for a special painting effect, Greg
instantly knew exactly how to do it and went about creating precisely
what my son wanted with joy in the challenge. The result is a bathroom
as exuberant as it is comfortable.

It is rare to find in one individual as much practical expertise,
perseverance and creativity as I found in Greg.
Keats said all you need to know on earth is truth and beauty. Greg
tells you the truth about the work and what it will cost. He makes
beautiful designs. And -- what Keats left out but any homeowner will
tell you is the other thing one has to have -- he gives you the peace
of mind knowing that all the work he does on your house will function
and last. Not only will I hire him in the future, I would not hire
anyone else.

Mimi Katzenbach



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